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Solo Traveler: Off Season / Shoulder Season: when is the best time to travel

Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt, 7 May 2012
via Off Season / Shoulder Season: when is the best time to travel. | Solo Traveler,

Traveling in the high season: better than not traveling at all but not as good as traveling when the crowds are gone.

Traveling in the off season: the weather is probably poor – either too hot or too cold – but there are no crowds to fight.

Traveling in the shoulder season: I consider this to be the sweet spot for solo travel.

The best time to travel solo
As I travel solo, I prefer the shoulder season or even the off season, not only for better deals but for a better experience as well.

The off or shoulder season makes almost everything easier. Almost. There will be some museums or sights that are closed until high season. You’ll miss the occasional “classic highlight” but you’ll get much as compensation. You’ll get to relax as you travel. There won’t be pressure to get up early to beat the crowds. You can be more mobile and flexible.

in Venice...

A suggestion
If you have a choice, try to travel in the shoulder or off season.
– It will be less expensive.
– It will be less crowded.
– Locals will have more time for travelers.
– Other travelers are not likely to be tourists, they are more likely to be seekers.

Ultimately, traveling on the off or shoulder season allows you to see the place you’re visiting as it truly is, rather than as a performance for tourists.


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  1. susanmaedetera
    3 March 2013

    i agree!

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