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Travel Philosophy from frugalfirstclasstravel

at the Masarykovo nábřeží

I came across this wonderful blog on travelling well in Europe. The blog offers such varied and practical travel tips on making the most of a European sojourn – from packing tips, travel budgets, to types of travel – solo, family, budget, first class or better yet smart travelling.

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The Philosophy of frugalfirstclasstravel

Welcome Frugalistas! I’m glad you’ve found my website and want to find out more about frugalfirstclasstravel and what makes it tick.

Travel is about a lot of things depending on who you are and what is important to you. For some people seeing a list of “must see” highlights and typical cultural activities that they can tick off is what is important. For others it is about experiencing a culture, mixing with people and being part of a new and often very different community even for a short period of time. Frugalfirstclasstravel is designed for travelers who may want to go up the Eiffel Tower and see a flamenco show, but who also want to be an honorary local – go to the market, eat where the locals eat, travel how the locals travel – and immerse themselves in a new and different way of living and being part of something “foreign” but wonderful and exciting!

The Frugalfirstclasstravel philosophy is to travel in the most luxurious way we can afford, at the cheapest price – spending money on the things that are important to us, but saving money on the things that are less important. We work out what is really important to us and how to have the most frugal of trips without scrimping on comfort, safety, ambiance, and enjoyment. We eat great local, seasonal food, stay in great character filled places and see great things – every holiday we have is the trip of a lifetime, whether it is a quick 10 day getaway or a 6 month “once in a lifetime, do it all and see it all”.

Frugalfirstclasstravel is about meaningful moments, rather than tourist-ridden clichés, is about traveling with all five of our senses, and is a state of mind.

Frugalfirstclasstravellers are not what class of the plane we travel in and what star hotel we stay in – we are what brings us great joy, what delights our senses and what still leaves us with money in the bank when we get home! We are into comfort and safety, meeting people and enjoying life in Europe.

We enjoy a couture, bespoke and highly personalized way of travelling – just not at a couture price.


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