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Capturing travel memories

The recent newsletter of the Women on the Road NEWS (Issue#64, 14 May 2013) had an interesting article on how to capture travel memories. Nowadays, with a bevy of tools … Continue reading

19 May 2013 · 4 Comments

The Travel-Architecture-Photography Trinity

Architecture is inextricably woven with travel. Apart from landscapes and natural vistas, majority of iconic landmarks and tourist attractions are buildings. Buildings are inherent in cityscapes and urban landscapes. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Travel Philosophy from frugalfirstclasstravel

I came across this wonderful blog on travelling well in Europe. The blog offers such varied and practical travel tips on making the most of a European sojourn – from … Continue reading

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Rick Steves: …what travel experience provides

via Rick Steves: Thinking In German. 18 July 2012 … travel helps people blossom. If we are like seeds, the travel experience provides the dirt. The act of traveling plants … Continue reading

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Visiting Paris Tips: Janelle McCulloch

Can you tell us about your new book, Paris: A Guide to the City’s Creative Heart? Paris: A Guide to The City’s Creative Heart is a fresh look at Paris … Continue reading

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